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Restaurant 365 Accounting Software

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Managing the accounting and bookkeeping for a restaurant is more efficient and much easier with a system built to meet the industry's unique needs. That's why, at Michael M. Arons, CPA, we use Restaurant 365 accounting software with our clients. Restaurant 365 is an all-in-one program built specifically for restaurants that streamlines your accounting processes and optimizes profitability. With the meaningful real-time financial data it supplies, you'll be able to control inventory, track labor costs, and access your financial information anytime online.

Restaurant 365 has all the features to simplify the accounting for your busy restaurant. You'll never get stuck manually entering financial information from other programs again because it connects seamlessly with your POS system, payroll processor, vendors, and bank. It also offers automated financial transactions posted to the general ledger, bank reconciliations that are completed in minutes, and much more. You'll get a customized dashboard, performance reports, sales forecasting, and user security.

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Restaurant accounting setup:

  • Access to real-time accounting data
  • Streamline accounts
  • Eliminate manual POS data entry
  • Automate payroll data 
  • Automatically amortize expenses
  • Optimize profitability